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Polymer Synthese Werk is the specialist for polyolefins and packaging materials. We have been producing LDPE, MDPE, PP, composite films and mixed films in Rheinberg for over 70 years. Short delivery times and TOP quality are guaranteed. In addition to bags, film and tubes, we also produce trash compactor boxes.

Consulting & planning

We advise you competently in solving your packaging requirements and thus also contribute to highly efficient and thus cost-optimized packaging processes.

Guaranteed quality

An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required.


Since 1951, we have been producing recyclable films and bags in TOP quality with our own blown film extrusion and assembly in Rheinberg. LDPE, MDPE, PP, rLDPE and mixed films are processed. In our handmade department, special industrial packaging is manufactured according to individual customer requirements. Short delivery times are guaranteed. Small quantities are also possible. Buy directly from the manufacturer.


Our Products

We also produce flat double bags, box inserts double nested, cross bottom bags with welded and cut corners, cross bottom bags double nested, garbage bags, valve bags, trapezoidal bags, flat hoods, gusset bags, round bottom bags double nested, with a double bottom plate, or with a lid disc, Gathering hose, rider band, gusseted hose and much more. As additives, we can equip the bags with antistatic, antiblock, antifog, electrically conductive, food-safe, flame-retardant, slip-resistant or UV-resistant. Smaller quantities are also possible. Buy directly from the manufacturer. 


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Our Raw Materials

We process High Pressure polyethylene (LDPE), Medium Pressure polyethylene (MDPE), Low Pressure (LLDPE Linear Low Density), Polypropylene (PP) and mixed films. All of the raw materials and masterbatches we use are certified. A REACH declaration of conformity is available for each type of raw material. Each batch delivered has a batch certificate. These are managed and monitored in our quality management system. Depending on the requirements and application, FDA approval is also available. This also applies to all the masterbatches we use. All additives such as lubricants, antistatic, UV stabilizers, anti-slip, antifog or electrically conductive are certified and are used according to your requirements. Only certified batches from well-known manufacturers are used for color additives. An internal quality management system monitors production and thus ensures exact batch tracing. In this way, we ensure that your product is optimally protected.
Recycling Symbol 4
Strongly branched polymer chains, therefore low density between 0.915 g/cm³ and 0.935 g/cm³ ("LD" stands for "low density")
Recycling Symbol 2
Linear medium density polyethylene between 0.93 g/cm³ and 0.94 g/cm³. Created by mixing LDPE and HDPE.
Recycling Symbol 5
The density of PP (polypropylene) is between 0.895 and 0.92 g/cm³. Similar properties to polyethylene but slightly harder and more heat resistant.


Our packaging material is used worldwide and is environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable. PE films are free of silicone and halogens and contain no plasticizers or heavy metals. During production, there is no odor nuisance or waste water pollution. They are groundwater-neutral when stored on a landfill. No toxic fumes, gases or slag are produced during combustion to generate energy. They burn without leaving any residue to form carbon dioxide and water. Polyethylene is remeltable, i.e. fully recyclable and can therefore be reused in another form. Our production waste is sorted and sorted for reuse (rLDPE) in our own regeneration plant. For more manufacturing and environmental information, see Manufacturing and Environment.


Sustainable management and ethical action have always been a priority for Polymer. This has now been checked again by EcoVadis, the world's leading provider of sustainability ratings. The result: Polymer-Synthese-Werk GmbH was awarded the EcoVadis silver certificate.

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