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Specialist for Polyolefine and packaging materials.
We have been producing top-quality plastic packaging from Rheinberg for over 70 years. Our product range includes various types of packaging from industrial packaging to special films for technical applications. Bags, film and tubing directly from the manufacturer. We advise you competently in solving your packaging requirements.

As a family company, we have been producing quality products made of polyethylene for over 70 years now, now in the third generation.

Michael Rüscher (Managing Director Chamber of Industry and Commerce Niederrhein) hands over the anniversary certificate to Polymer Synthesis Werk GmbH Managing Director Christiane Klaus.

The Company

Back in 1951, Polymer-Synthese-Werk GmbH began to manufacture and distribute packaging materials made of polyolefins in Mülheim/Ruhr. As part of the company’s expansion, the factory was relocated to Rheinberg/Orsoy in 1962 due to the favourable connection with the railway.
At our factory, polyolefins are processed into packaging materials with over seven decades of production experience. Our strengths are short delivery times and customer-oriented production of goods. This packaging material is used throughout the world. We process polyolefins such as high-pressure (LDPE), medium-pressure (MDPE) and low-pressure polyethylene (LLDPE), mixed films from the above materials and polypropylene (PP) and various composite films laminated in aluminium. Retailers, major pharmaceutical corporations, air carriers (® Trash Compactor Box), and countless commercial enterprises are among our clients.

Our flat tubes range from 30 mm to 3 m in flat width, while our pleated tubes range from a circumference of 100 mm to 12 m. Our production thicknesses are between 30 and 300 µ. These materials, dyed to meet your requirements, equipped with anti-static properties, electrically conductive are printed up to a width of 650 mm with up to four colours. We can also offer you rLDPE products. Our own regeneration or premium recycling material is used here.
An in-house quality management system guarantees that all products can be inspected and certified if required.
We can offer you specialised knowledge about polyolefins, films and packaging materials, together with customer-focussed consultation about packaging materials. Together, we can find the ideal packaging material solution for you, and put it into practice in accordance with your requirements.

Sustainable business and ethical action have always been a particular priority for Polymer. EcoVadis, the world's leading provider of sustainability ratings, has now examined this again. The result: Polymer-Synthese-Werk GmbH was awarded the EcoVadis silver certificate for 2022 and 2023.

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