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Strongly branched polymer chains, therefore low density between 0.915 g/cm³ and 0.935 g/cm³ ("LD" stands for "low density")

It's a soft polyethylene. which is produced under high pressure. This is the material for packaging of all kinds, such as foil. LDPE is the most common PE quality. It is also called high-density polyethylene. Characterized by low weight, high resilience and elasticity. It has a high tear strength and has good welding and shrinking properties. Both very good heat resistance and suitable for deep-freezing. LDPE is physiologically safe and suitable for packaging and storing food.

LDPE is resistant to water, diluted acids, alkalis, solutions of inorganic substances, solvents, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, petrol. LDPE is not resistant to strong acids and oxidizing agents, oxidizing acids, esters, ketones and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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