polyethylene chains

Polyethylene is a plastic and is divided into different types:

  • PE-HD (HDPE): high density polyethylene (0.94 – 0.97 g/cm³); the polymer chains are weakly branched together
  • PE-MD (MDPE): medium density; individual chains are somewhat more branched together.
  • PE-LD (LDPE): Here the chains are strongly intertwined, which means that the density is rather low (0.915-0.935 g/cm³).
  • PE-LLD (LLD-PE): The polyethylene is mainly linear with a few shorter branches. Density is low. PE-LD and PE-LLD are used, for example, to manufacture garbage bags.
  • PE-HMW: high molecular weight PE; means that the molecular mass is very high (500-1000 kg/mol). This is because more chains are linked together than in PE-HD, PE-LD and PE-LLD.
  • PE-UHMW: Ultra high molecular weight PE with a molecular mass of up to 6000 kg/mol.

It is used in both spray film extrusion and blown film extrusion.




With the help of our foil calculator you can determine the weight, the foil area, the roll diameter and the foil thickness of your desired product yourself. 

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