Foil calculator LDPE/PP

Here you can determine the value you want for variable entries. The roll weight, the film length, the film area, the film thickness, the film width and the roll diameter can be defined as the result in the film calculator.

Foil calculator

By default, the value of LDPE (0.92) is taken for the density. If you would like to calculate values for PP, please enter 0.95. 

By default, the value of LDPE (0.92 g/cm³) is used for the density. If you would like to calculate the values for PP, please enter 0.95 g/cm³. For HDPE the value is between 0.94 g/cm³ and 0.97 g/cm³. And for MDPE the value is between 0.938 g/cm³ and 0.942 g/cm³.

Please indicate the value in the Density column.

The results may vary depending on the material used. Especially when using colors and additives, the density is changed and with it the result. For our own brand PLE (black electrically conductive) the density is 1.04 (g/cm³).
We most often use cardboard tubes with a core outer diameter of 76 mm. But sleeves with a core outside diameter of 150 mm are also used. Use our film calculator to calculate the roll diameter in millimeters of your desired film. This allows you to quickly determine the appropriate length of film in meters for machine film.

POLYMER provides no explicit or implicit warranty on the computer. It is for informational purposes only. None of the calculator content should be considered professional, legal or financial advice.

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We also produce flat double bags, box inserts double nested, cross bottom bags with welded and cut corners, cross bottom bags double nested, garbage bags, valve bags, trapezoidal bags, flat hoods, gusset bags, drum liner, pail liner, round bottom bags double nested, with a double bottom plate, or with a lid disc, Gathering hose, rider band, gusseted hose and much more. As additives, we can equip the bags with slip, antistatic, antiblock, antifog, electrically conductive, food-safe, flame-retardant, slip-resistant or UV-resistant. Smaller quantities are also possible. Buy directly from the manufacturer. Guaranteed quality from Rheinberg/Orsoy. We have been producing high-quality packaging materials made of polyethylene or polypropylene for over 70 years. An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified upon request.

As a cost-effective version for bags, films and tubes, we also offer production from our premium regenerated material.

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