General sales, payment and delivery conditions

Our advice on application technology and other recommendations are based on extensive research work and many years of experience.
However, they are non-binding - also with regard to third-party property rights - and do not exempt our customers from using our products and services.
Check the suitability of the process for the intended use.

All offers and sales confirmations are exclusively based on our above delivery conditions. Deviating agreements are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by the seller.

11. General

The following conditions are decisive for all purchase transactions and deliveries. Deviations have only after written confirmation of validity.

12. Offers

Offers are non-binding. Agreements with representatives, travelers and ladies and gentlemen from sales require written confirmation by the factory.

13. Orders

Only orders placed in writing are valid. Verbal and telephone agreements require written confirmation in order to be binding.
Each order must be confirmed in writing by the supplier.

14. Prize

The price is in EURO or a specially agreed currency according to the customary unit ex works, exclusively packaging or by special agreement. If an increase in the manufacturing and operating costs - increase in raw material prices, increase in freight, transport charges, wages, etc. - remains the same Price change reserved.

15. Payment

Payments are to be made within 30 days of the invoice date without deduction or by special agreement. If exceeded the payment deadline, the buyer is in default without a reminder.
Interest on arrears can be charged at a rate of 2 percent above the applicable discount rate.
Checks are only accepted as payment.
Bills of exchange will not be accepted as payment.
Changes in our assessment of the buyer's creditworthiness, in particular non-disclosure of payment obligations, exceeding a certain credit amount, receipt of unfavorable information, etc. entitle us to demand payment security before the order is made or delivered, even if this was not initially agreed. In this case, delivery can be made against prepayment or cash on delivery. Refusal to pay due to any counterclaims not recognized by us of the buyer and their offsetting is not permitted.

16. Complaints and Warranties

Recognizable defects must be reported to us in writing within 10 days of receipt of the goods. labels and routing slips must be attached. Complaints are excluded if the goods have been treated or processed. The customer has to make sure that there is no reason for complaints before passing on the goods or reselling them. Complaints are also not possible in the case of minor color deviations - in the case of colored material - as well as differences in dimensional accuracy, thickness, thickness and weight, if these differences do not exceed values customary in the industry. The same applies to deviations our goods from patterns and samples, which are fundamentally non-binding. We are only liable for the suitability of our goods for unusual purposes if we have expressly assured this in writing. Orders may vary in quantity up to 10%, for custom-made products up to 20%.
Claims from hidden defects can only be raised if it can be proven that the goods have been properly processed
was or normal stress is present! We are not liable for any damage or disadvantages caused to our customers or third parties arise from our deliveries! Returns require our prior consent. Custom-made products can not be withdrawn. We have the right to inspect, test and carry out tests on the goods that have been the subject of a complaint.
The weight determined by us during shipping or the number of quantities (pieces, square meters, current meters etc.). In the event of a justified notice of defects, we have the right, at our discretion, to deliver a replacement with a new delivery period or to Redemption against goods credit or for rectification! All additional claims, such as conversion, reduction and Compensation for damages, regardless of the legal reason, are excluded!

17. Delivery

The goods travel at the expense and risk of the recipient, possibly also in the case of carriage paid deliveries. Orders under 100.00 are only shipped ex works delivered without packaging. Additional costs for express or urgent shipping as well as cartage will be charged separately! With possibly freight free Delivery ex works or use of our means of transport, the risk passes to the customer upon dispatch. The shipping method is, unless otherwise agreed in writing, left to us. Delivery times are not binding. disturbances in your own company or at suppliers, official measures, shortage of raw materials, machine failures or other facts of force majeure, release us from the delivery obligation for the duration of the disruption. Such events entitle from the contract withdraw in whole or in part. Claims for damages cannot be raised from this.

18. Retention of Title

Even after further processing, the goods remain our property until all claims arising from our business relationship have been settled with the customer. Any access by third parties (seizure, etc.) must be reported to us immediately. The buyer must treat the goods still belonging to us according to the principles of a prudent businessman, in particular against fire and to insure against theft; Unless otherwise agreed, he may only resell them in the ordinary course of business, i.e also not assigned as security or pledged. Claims from a claim against insurance companies are already being made now assigned to us in the amount of the value of the reserved goods.
If the buyer sells our goods, he hereby resigns until all of our claims from the mutual agreement have been settled business relationship, the claims arising from the sale with all ancillary rights to us.

19. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

The place of performance is 47495 Rheinberg, and the place of jurisdiction for all obligations of both parties to the contract is the District Court of Rheinberg or District Court of Kleve.

20. Manufacturing Defects

Most of our products are mass-produced items that are fully automated. Our goal is to deliver to to the full satisfaction of our buyer.
However, possible manufacturing errors cannot be completely ruled out from a technical and mechanical point of view and entitle up to max. 2% not for complaint.
Unless individual item control is ordered from us in writing and identified as such by us on our order confirmation would.

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