PE film cuts are cut flat films made of polyethylene.

We produce film cuts made of high-quality plastic (polyethylene and polypropylene) in all conceivable designs and according to individual customer requirements.

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PE film cuts also known as foil blanks, cover disc, circular disk, dividers or sheets are custom-cut polyethylene flat films. We manufacture them according to your requirements, loose in a box or on a roll. Square, rectangular, octagonal and round cuts are possible. We also produce foil cuts with punched holes according to your specifications.

The cuts are often used, like film hoods, for covering palettes.
As a cost-effective version for construction and cover foils, we also offer production from regenerated material.

Product data Film Cuts

MaterialsLDPE film, MDPE film, PP film, regenerated material, compound film
Surfacelubricated or non-slip
Widthfrom 25 mm to 6000 mm
Lengthaccording to customer requirements
Strengthfrom 50 my to 400 my
Colourtransparent, coloured transparent, opaque
Printingflexographic printing, signature printing, embossed printing
Packagingloose in a box
Typestrimmed, perforated, folded, needled
Additional qualitiesanti-static, anti-blocking, anti-fog, electrical discharge capacity, meets food regulations, low flammability, UV-resistant

We advise you competently on the solution of your packaging requirements and thus also contribute to highly efficient and thus cost-optimized packaging processes.
We process polyolefins such as high pressure (LDPE), medium pressure (MDPE), mixed films made of the aforementioned materials as well as polypropylene (PP) and various composite films.

We can also offer you rLDPE products. Our own regenerated or premium recycled material is used here.

All raw materials and masterbatches we use are certified. A REACH declaration of conformity is available for each type of raw material. Every batch delivered has a batch certificate. These are managed and monitored in our quality management system. Depending on requirements and application, also via FDA approval.
An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required.

Our film products are environmentally friendly because they are 100% recyclable, rot-proof and neutral to groundwater. Polyethylene can be re-melted, i.e. it is completely recyclable and can therefore be reused in a different form. Our production waste is recycled in our own regenerated plant for reuse.

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