Fire protection film folded

Fire protection film B1/B2

We produce flame-retardant film and hose in accordance with DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501-1 in fire protection classes B1 and B2 according to your requirements.
The film has a whitish yellow color. The film can be used as a covering film or to wrap your goods. We produce them as film or tube on a roll or as film cuts.

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Fire protection film

Our fire protection film is made of LDPE. The film width can be up to 4 m. It can be folded several times to achieve the narrowest possible roll width. The film thickness can range from 100 my to 230 my. It can also be delivered as a variant with a side gusset. It is extremely stable, very tear-resistant, temperature-resistant and weather-resistant. It can also be equipped with antistatic agents. A different coloring can be done according to your wishes. If you wish, you will receive a production certificate with delivery.

This film is not only suitable for protecting your products from dust or dirt. The film also offers protection against flames or fire. Your products are therefore doubly protected.

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Building films with a fire protection class are indispensable

In the increasingly complex construction world, safety plays a very important role. Especially when it comes to fire protection, it must be ensured that our residential and commercial buildings and facilities have the greatest possible protection. Construction films with fire protection film are used here. These are special films that help prevent or at least significantly slow down the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

The properties of building films with fire protection class

Building films with a fire protection class are, on the one hand, heat-resistant and, on the other hand, they form a barrier that contains the flames. Because of these special properties, the construction films are offered in different versions with various certifications. This ensures that the films meet the specific requirements and areas of application in which they are used.

Certification and safety of fire protection films

You shouldn't make any compromises when it comes to security. Fire protection can save lives! For this reason, attention should always be paid to quality and certification. The films we produce with a fire protection class are certified as flame retardant according to DIN 4102. These films therefore meet the strict fire protection requirements of many public facilities and therefore offer our customers a good and safe feeling.

Where are building films with fire protection used?

Fire protection films are indispensable in many different areas of our lives. These films are very often used in public buildings, industrial companies and production facilities, at airports and train stations, in hospitals and office buildings as well as in large shopping centers. These films are an essential tool for ensuring safety wherever there is a high concentration of people and where there are special fire protection requirements.

Building films with fire protection are an important product in today's modern construction sector. By using these films we can guarantee that our public facilities and buildings are safe as they minimize the risk of fires many times over. Do everything you can to ensure the safety of your home and the family members and people living therein with the best fire safety measures available.

We advise you competently on the solution of your packaging requirements and thus also contribute to highly efficient and thus cost-optimized packaging processes.
An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required.

Our film products are environmentally friendly because they are 100% recyclable, rot-proof and neutral to groundwater. Polyethylene can be re-melted, i.e. it is completely recyclable and can therefore be reused in a different form. Our production waste is recycled in our own regenerated plant for reuse.

With the help of our foil calculator you can determine the weight, the foil area, the roll diameter and the foil thickness of your desired product yourself.
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