Shrink-wrap film is used to prevent cargo from sliding. It also provides dependable protection from dirt and moisture. When exposed to heat, the film contracts strongly and offers optimal protection for your product.
It also reliably protects against dirt and moisture.

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When exposed to heat, the film contracts strongly and adapts precisely to the contours of the packaged goods, thus offering optimal protection for your product.

It also provides reliable protection against dirt and moisture.

We produce shrink film in all variants and designs according to your specifications. TOP quality directly from the manufacturer.

Shrink wrap can simply be pulled over the load and shrunk using heat. Special shrink guns are available commercially for shrinking the film.

The film material contracts when the shrink gun generates heat and the film wraps around the product to be protected. A distance of approx. 30 cm from the shrink gun to the shrink film should be maintained.

The packaged items under the shrink hood are not damaged in any way by the heat. Shrinkage should always begin at the bottom of the pallet and then continue upwards to ensure optimal shrinkage.

Product data Shrink-Wrap Film

MaterialsLDPE film, compound film (monoaxially shrinking)
Surfacelubricated or non-slip
Widthfrom 25 mm to 3600 mm
Lengthaccording to customer requirements
Strength50 my to 250 my
Colourtransparent, coloured transparent, opaque
Printingflexographic printing, signature printing, embossed printing
Packagingon a roll, or as cuts
Typestrimmed, perforated, folded, with side gussets, as tubular film
Additional qualitiesanti-static, anti-blocking, anti-fog, UV-resistant
We advise you competently on the solution of your packaging requirements and thus also contribute to highly efficient and thus cost-optimized packaging processes.

An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required.

Our film products are environmentally friendly because they are 100% recyclable, rot-proof and neutral to groundwater. Polyethylene can be re-melted, i.e. it is completely recyclable and can therefore be reused in a different form. Our production waste is recycled in our own regenerated plant for reuse.

Current Stock Items Film/Foils:

LDPEFolie gefaltet natur - mit Antistatikum gemäß TRGS 727 - Brandschutzfolie - schwer entflammbar gemäß DIN 4102 - CAT B1 - 30 Meter auf der Rolle - Papphülse 76er Kern 76.0015 Ro. 3.600160µ
LDPEFolie gefaltet natur transparent - 4000/2000 mm - zu 50 lfdm/Rolle - auf Hülse mit 76er Papp-Kern gewickelt - Rollengewicht circa 28 kg - 76.7692 Ro. 4.000150µ
LDPEFlach Schlauch natur transparent - ohne Zusätze - 150 lfdm/Rolle - auf Papphülse mit 76er Kern gewickelt - Rollengewicht circa 3 kg 77.06428 Ro. 50200µ
LDPEFlach Schlauch natur transparent - ohne Gleitmittel - 100 Meter auf der Rolle - Papphülse mit Rollenkern 76 mm - Rollengewicht circa 33 kg - 1.3461 Ro. 1.750100µ
VFO Flachfolie Verbundfolie innen schwarz außen weiß - auf Rollen a 500 m gewickelt - Papphülsen mit 76er Kerndurchmesser - 10.0143 Ro. 600110µ
With the help of our foil calculator you can determine the weight, the foil area, the roll diameter and the foil thickness of your desired product yourself.
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