PE Trash-Compactor-Boxes

Trash-Compactor-Boxes made from a polymer synthesis are the result of more than 70 years of experience in innovative plastic techniques.
Since 1951 Polymer Synthese has been developing and distributing packaging materials made from polyolefines. Today the product range, apart from mixed foils, consists mainly of LDPE, MDPE and PP polyethylene.
Trash-Compactor-Boxes has been specially designed by us to meet the needs of all airlines around the world.

This product is compatible with trash compactors from Iacobucci and Monogram. Our boxes have been tested for flame retardancy by the DLR and meet the FAA requirements. They are liquid-tight and easy to handle. They fold flat to save space in aircraft cabin space. They are easy to open and can be easily inserted into the trash compactor. It can just as easily be closed and secured at the top after use.
It consists of a cardboard box surrounded by a plastic bag. Your branding will of course be adopted.


Internal material : Single-layer corrugated cartboard. External material: Polyethylen

We manufacture Trash-Compactor-Boxes in various dimensions:


Filling volume

25 liter
35 liter
38 liter

Max. filling weight

25 kg
34 kg
40 kg

Height (cloesed)

350 mm
352 mm
380 mm


215 mm
212 mm
350 mm


340 mm
460 mm
480 mm

This disposal system offers you the following advantages:

The box is delivered in a folded state, meaning it has a low packaging volume
The simple fold technique makes it quick and easy to assemble
Two stable handles to pull the box from the compactor and to carry the filled box safely
A folding lid to quickly and hygienically close the filled box
High functional safety through the two-component structure
The plastic film guarantees a maximum in security against perforation (perforation-proof and leak-proof)
We offer you individual design to meet your requirements
Environmentally friendly by means of consequential separation of the materials. The cardboard packaging and the plastic can be separated without any problems and can thus be rationally recycled.
Carries compacted volume of three Half Waste Trolleys.

We process polyolefins such as high pressure (LDPE), medium pressure (MDPE), mixed films made from the aforementioned materials as well as polypropylene (PP) and various composite films. All raw materials and masterbatches we use are certified. Our in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required. Buy Trash-Compactor-Boxes directly from the manufacturer.
Made in Germany. Inexpensive and available from stock at short notice.

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